Sunday, March 23

You are Not Allowed to Say...

...'Fucker or Shit.' Okay Thing 1?

Thing 1: Okey dokey, Mommy. I can't say 'fucker' or 'shit' at grandma and grandad's house tonight.

Mommy: No honey, you can never, ever say them.

Thing 1: Oh. Ever?

Mommy: Ever and especially tonight, okay?

Thing 1: Okay, I won't say 'fucker' or 'shit.'

Later that night...

Thing 1: Hey Grandad! I gotta talk to you, Grandad!

Grandad: Yes, Thing 1?

Thing 1: I am absolutely not allowed to say 'fucker' when I'm at your house tonight, okay?

Grandad: ...

Thing 1: Orrrrr, 'shit.' I can't say 'fucker' or 'shit.' Okay grandad?

Grandad: Yup.


Emily said...

HAHAHA! I love that kid.

Terra said...

absolutely priceless. why can't we ever catch this stuff on video!? Or do we?