Thursday, March 20

Iraqi War is Older Than My Kindergarten-Age Children

I don't know a lot about the war in Iraq. I don't get why we're there, don't get why we're staying and don't understand what it truly has to do with oil. I am not a war monger, I'm not a peace freak. I believe war is a part of society, for all the ugly hate that it is. The two saddest war moments I know of are the memory of my uncle dying in Vietnam (and our family's hatred of Jane Fonda) and the intricacy of Les Miserables. It's pathetic, I know.

That all said, something hit me super hard yesterday:

The US invaded Iraq on March 20, 2003. The Things were born July 16, 2003. This damn war has been going on four months longer than my kindergarten-age children have been alive.

Stunned me. Stuck with me all day.


Zoie said...

Thanks for writing this.