Monday, March 31

Oh Anderson, May I Call You Andy?

So the jig is up:

I am completely OCD on Anderson Cooper. I know he's a fag...for the love of God, everyone knows, but it doesn't keep me from having the guy in my Top 5 (very, very close to the top of the Top 5).

If you haven't read Dispaches from the Edge, do. It's the baseline for watching Anderson Cooper 360 on CNN. You begin to get past the son of Gloria Vanderbilt and Wyatt Cooper, and into why this guy seems to always be in the thick of things. He's the shark that has to keep moving to survive. He's the guy that has the crazy brother that offs himself; he's the guy with the famous dad, even more famous mom, who wouldn't be caught dead macking down with TR Knight; he's the guy who somehow managed to work his way to the top of journalism the old fashioned way: Being a Journalist.

A long time ago I came to terms with the fact that Andy and I were not going to Ken & Barbie off to Bermuda together. Alas I have to live with love at afar: His Blog.

No shit, it's not bad, and after you know that this guy is no fake, you'll like it even more:

Oh Andy...A, Anderson Vanderbilt Cooper. Your work/life drama is only second to reality.