Tuesday, March 4

Cheetah Cheeta Pumkin Eata

Dear Mr. Steve Jobs,

I'd like to ask you for excuse letters for the following missed appointments. Since installing Leopard on my Macbook Pro and diligently installing the latest 10.5.2, I have had the luxury of a completely fucked life.

Please remit the following:

1. Sumbission to Aetna PPO for the Dentist Appointment for teeth whitening (you can only guess how bad my wine-coffee enamel looks) missed due to iCal mysteriously erasing my event.

2. Written excuse for missing the tour our of my kids' kindergarten school missed because I "forfeit my appointment" by using your completely jacked 10.5.2 crap.

3. Submission of guilt and responsibility to my client who is fucking pissed off that I didn't see any of her emails because my goddamn Apple Mail client (a) crashes (b) keeps repeatedly sending me the same goddamn emails over and over and (c) losing the fucking important ones.

4. A press release regarding the dysfunctional-nonfunctional Time Machine that lives so far back in time that it didn't help one goddamn bit when our MBP went on the fritz. Time [machine] Out motherfucker.

5. A complete admission of guilt, on YouTube of how Leopard 10.5.2 set out to destroy my business and personal life and completely and utterly whacked my computer and everyone else's.

Get rid of Leopard. Bring on the Cheetah. Hell bring me back the goddamn Panther at this point.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.




Emily said...

I use gmail's calendar and entourage for mail and I'm in the pink. Just saying. :P