Sunday, October 26

Too. Tired. To. Write.

Tuesday 1:30 a.m. -- Drive to Disneyland
Tuesday 9 a.m. -- Enter Disneyland
Tueday 9 p.m. -- Get to hotel
Wednesday 9 a.m. -- Disneyland
Wednesday 5 p.m. -- California Adventure Trick or Treat party
Wednesday 11 p.m. -- Get to hotel
Thursday 9 a.m. -- Disneyland
Thursday 5 p.m. - Drive to San Jose

Time was so fast, but so magical. I'm beyond tired. So tired I can't think straight. We got back on Friday and since have gone to school, ballet, a housewarming party, soccer game, block party, parents' housewarming, ran a 1/2 marathon, birthday party and Sunday dinner.

I'll write more when I can breathe. It's not now.

...hope these pics will suffice. Much love, Garza G.

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Wednesday, October 1

Three Favorite Kinder Games (so far)

The Sprout years are over (thank God) and I've noticed that other than sports of just about any kind, the Things are pretty bored with their toys. I headed over to Lakeshore Learning to find some more engaging toys. So far, I'm loving these three:

1. Great States Junior. It's a map of the US with three categories of questions: visual matching of state shapes, pictures of what is produced from the states and counting the number of states that have certain letters in them. The object of the game is to get as many cards as possible, but I like it because it has a CandyLand aspect of everyone winning by completing the trip around the US. Another reason this one's a hit is because it's got enough engagement for kids that are learning to read and those who are still iconographic learners. Buy it at Growing Tree Toys

2. Question of the Day. This game lives on our kitchen table. Each day we get to pick one of the 100 questions in 10 categories to ask the family. Questions range from "How do you feel when you go to school?" to "Do you remember your dreams?" Each person can pick from one of 8 icon answers or a blank card to give your own answer (you know the Things always use this one). The game comes with a big cloth board to put answers on, but we use it as dinner table conversation starters. The kids love it and so do we. Buy it at Lakeshore Learning

3. Spanish Bingo. I have to admit, this is not the easiest Bingo game to play, for one, there is no wheel to spin so the old schoolness is lost here, but this game is pretty. The shapes and pictures are beautiful the cards themselves are artistic and unique, making a relatively dumb game (unless it involves winning money), a lot more fun. We have the game in Spanish and there's a huge bonus here too -- they're learning the words associated with the pictures in their newly adopted language. Buy it at Genius Babies.

Got any great kinder games for us to try out? Would love to hear!

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