Wednesday, March 19

Yeah, I'm the Chef that Can't Boil an Egg

The Things preschool asked that we bring 4 hard boiled eggs each today. I diligently boiled the suckers last night, when one (exhibit A) jumped out of the fricking pot and burned into oblivion. Big problem, down to 7 eggs and no more little suckers in the fridge.

I went ahead and finished off the other eggs, put them out to dry and told La Gringa that they'd be dying them today at school. La Gringa looked at the eggs, looked at me and very sweetly pointed out that my organic, range-free, cage-free, vegetarian fed eggs were brown. No can dye. Shit.


Emily said...

you're too fancy for your own good.

brown eggs are for the birds when it comes to coloring. What are REALLY cool are Aracana Chickens and their lovely green / blue eggs.

Anonymous said...

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