Tuesday, June 17

Shit, Shit, Shit

Day two of our vacation and all I want to do is go home.

In the past 24-hours of vacation:

1. Pulled over on the side of the road for La Gringa work in 107-degree weather.
2. Had La Gringa freak out over not being at work and not being able to not work and not being able to work.
3. Checked into the absolutely insane Viceroy Hotel where it looks like Alice in Wonderland with L.A. folks creeping all over the place.
4. Breaking point went to broken point when I realized the droning techno music at the pool was NOT.EXACTLY.RELAXING.
5. Drank Long Island Iced tea then threw up for three hours.
6. Ordered room service and food was completely inedible.
7. Tried to go for a walk but the front door of the room was stuck and the back door is a giant sliding glass door leading out to the pool (yes, the techno music runs all night long).
8. Written two contracts for work.
9. Dealt with furious client. Then realized my mail server will not mail out, only in.
10. Finally fell asleep at 2:20 a.m. and woke up at 5:20 a.m. (so much for rest).

In an attempt to turn the tide of this awful would-be vacation, we're checking out of this hotel and going to a Morrocan B&B where it's quieter. We're going to try stick to only working in the a.m. for the next three days and work our asses off at trying to spend some time together.

So far, this fucking blows.