Thursday, June 12

Not Shakespeare Tonight....

It is such a busy week, couple of weeks, that I cannot seem to put my words together. Even my Twitters are misspelled and I actually showed up at preschool the other day with a dozen bagels on a day the school was closed. (When I checked my iPhone calendar, sure enough three listings in this order: "SCHOOL CLOSED. Bring Bagels to School. School 9 a.m." -- ugh.

We're headed for a completely desperate vacation in an attempt to actually look at each other in the eye and not be tugged on (physically) by children and work. We need this. It's beyond want. Palm Springs is nothing exciting, but trying to regroup is essential. La Gringa doesn't really want to go -- too much work, too far behind, too much going on -- but there is not going to be an opportunity for another year since she's starting her new job two days after we get back. Another ugh.

The kids have had an extraordinary and emotional week; they graduated from PreK and headed to Kindergarten. The school they've been at for three years was much harder than the pre-K they've been attending for only a year (yes, two graduations x two children x two days). They'll be in a fully immersed Spanish education starting in just two months... it's daunting, scary and exciting. My goal right now is to not cry in front of them (when did this super-accelerated growing-up happen?); enjoy the summer and let them relax.

Like I said, my words aren't clear tonight. We're on a work schedule to get everything done. We're on a personal schedule, to, well, get everything done. I've got an agenda to not let my neurological system completely freak out on me and try to take it one hour at a time.