Monday, June 2

Family Day.. Every Day

There is very little in La Gringa and my life that screams, heck, whispers gay. I think both of us feel that there is no need for us, personally to be married, have rainbow anythings, go to marches or have the kids wear t-shirts that say, "I was hatched by two chicks." -- the lifestyle we have is just as suburban as can be. It's almost, well, boring.

That said, there is a reason we live such a free and peaceful life and it's because there are families out there blazing the trail for the life we are reaping now. The life that Thing 1 and Thing 2 have because of those who are out there pounding the pavement for same-sex families.

Today is same-sex Family Day for the blogging community. This entry this morning is to thank those out there working for extraordinary freedoms we have. We hope to do you proud by being boring, normal, suburban moms with a couple of well-reared, beautifully souled children.

-- Garza G.


La Gringa said...

Totally agree. We are thankful for our blessed life.

Grandma Judy said...

And we are thankful for all four of you! We are proud of you all!