Wednesday, June 4

He's Got a Crush on a Girl Named Tyler

I guess I knew the day would happen.
I suppose it's totally healthy.
But, today came at me like a carpenter bee in June.
My son has a crush.

It wasn't even subtle, I tell you, it was right at me... he walked up to me, hand-in-hand with a blonde curly haired beauty in a blue hawaiian dress and said,

"Mom, I have a girlfriend."

She beamed.

"What's her name?"

Um, he said, holding her hand tighter and nuggling his face into her curls, "What's your name?"

"Ty.ler." She said, annoyed at her man.

"Her name is Tyler, Mom."

"Okay," I said.

And they bounded off, her curls bouncing on his head, him walking double-step to keep up with her long legs. Your average day at the park? Oh, I guess. The day my son introduced me to his first girlfriend? Whew.


GeekMommy said...


Yeah we've been going through that as well.
My daughter has had a crush all year on a little boy named Cade in her preschool class - all the girls in her class (except 1) had a crush on Cade. Cade had a crush on Jesse.

Jesse has an older sister Lexi, and her mother watches another classmate, a boy named Dalton.
3 weeks ago, Lexi tried to tease Jessi with "you're going to marry Dalton!"
Jesse matter of factly replied with "I am not. I'm going to marry Cade."


Didn't we think we had 8-10 yrs?

Many congrats to Tyler! ;)

Jenn said...

You forgot to include the best part!

Garza Thing 1: "what do you like about her"

Thing 1 to Garza G: "her dress"


Anonymous said...

Twitterpated :-) Almost everyone gets twitterparted at spring time. (from Bambi). Hm, or is it summer already?
It is very cute-first love, yaeh I was about his age too...