Wednesday, April 30

Never Sad, A Little Sad. Okay, Sometimes, Periodically Sad for My Thing Thing 1 craves a daddy; a basketball partner; a penis colleague; a man-in-arms.

I'm not sure I ever would have fulfilled that for my beautiful, masculine Thing 1. The guys I'm attracted to are brainiacs... not exactly jocks or chain saw operators. But, strangely, La Gringa is.

La Gringa and I feel bad for you, son, tonight. I know you want a man, honey. We'll do our best to fill you up with plenty of the Y chromosome. Until then, I can dribble with the best of them, La Gringa's got a crazy shop to power tool-til-the-cows-come home and we both understand a boy's gotta do what a boy's gotta do.

I still wish you didn't cry tonight when Thing 2's friend's daddy didn't play basketball with you. It made me cry.


Emily said...

awwww. I know one basketball loving guy that sees him about every day. I foresee some workplace hoops in the very near future.

Andi said...

Ok, this actually made *me* cry. Go fetch Matt. He's a decent baller.

Aaron H. said...

You're breaking my heart.

While I'd never classify myself as being butch, I'm always down for a little basketball.

Mrsnemo said...

So sad, girl. Nemo says 'bring it on' he's got loads of Testosterone to share. Bring him over!@#!@$@%$%!@#