Sunday, April 27

My Wheels are Too Small...

I can't help but feeling that no matter how hard I spin, how fast I spin or how much spin I put on something, that my wheels are smaller than my world needs to spin.

I'm not cool enough to understand Twitter, not 2.0 enough to know the insiders, not a hands-on enough Mommy to be in the In-Mommy-Crowd, Not funny enough to be considered funny but way too funny to be considered normal. I'm not understanding enough of the social networking space to fully be able to guide people about what to do with it for their own businesses. I can sell it, I just can't believe in it, which makes me, by definition, a bad salesperson.

Frankly, I really don't give a shit about Facebook (although I udpate mine at least once a week). I Twitter, but no one gives a shit about what I write, especially me. I am infinitely interested in what other people are Twittering, but reminded constantly that I'm not cool enough to be popping-off Inside Jokes with other Twitterers. I don't care much about cool websites, but pissed when it's they are not done right. I don't give a shit about business models and spread sheets and MBA crap -- except it's my job to totally get that crap. I get it, that's not the problem, it's that I don't care about it.

I wonder how many people don't know or give a flying iPhone about the Web 2.0 conference last week, the launch of the SDKs, the cost of Facebook apps or what blogs are on my Reader. I literally cannot read enough to keep on top of all the shit I have to read. And even when I do, somehow my colleages always know it just slightly faster.

I feel like I'm cheating on the Internet with my real life. I was away from my computer for 12 hours today. Bad girl.


Emily said...

here's hoping none of your clients or prospective clients find this blog. :P

From my experience, you can't be in the mommy crowd with both feet if you also have a career. Doesn't make you less of a parent, however, just makes it difficult for the hard core mommy brigade to relate to you and your own challenges in doing both. Also, you don't have the freedom to spend every day around every whim, so that's a big wedge.

HCM (hard core mommy)"Let's all go to the beach on Tuesday!!"

Me (or you) "Errr...I have to be in my office during the week, so we and have a home."

You do just fine. The kids will be just fine. Personally, I think my kids get a lot out of seeing someone be responsible to a job, and they understand why it is necessary. Also, they know that when I am able to skip out of the office for a school event or just to hang out with them for a day, it is a big deal and it makes them feel good to know I will do that for them.

About the work stuff, I do what I do because I love it. I love social media and I'm all over it every day. I was all over it when I was still in college and before it was even a real job to be had by anyone. That is how I can keep up on stuff. I use it all the time because it doesn't feel like homework.

That said, you are probably the best networker I've ever seen. If you don't love the product, love the people. Help put them in touch with the people that DO love the product and let them take the reins. I say you swill cocktails, shake hands, and then have Nerd #1 and Nerd #2 take it from there. That's their strength, project and product. Yours is the people. :)
Nobody does people like you do people. (That sounds dirty. heh.)