Monday, April 7

Cat Cora...My Kids' Role Model?

We introduced the Things to Iron Chef America a few months ago in an attempt to keep up with the Jones' son who knows all the chefs and special ingredients. Not to be outdone, we started Tivoing like madmen.

The Things fell in love. Hard core obsession with the Iron Chefs, Thing 1 favoring Chef Bobby Flay and Thing 2 being crazed over Chef Cat Cora. So crazed that today when Cora lost to challenger Ken Oringer, Thing 2 started crying uncontrollably, "NOOOO! Cat Cora cooked coffee stuff better! Cat Cora is prettier anyway! I want Cat Cora. Cat. Cora. CAT CORA!" My four-year-old was completely melted down, only calmed by searching for Cat Cora cookbooks online. Shopping therapy works even on the tiniest of girl-angst.

In searching Cora's books and history we came across a personal file on Wikipedia showing the Chef and her partner and two children. I pointed it out to the Things, "Cat Cora has two kids and they have two mommies just like you!"

You would have thought it was national Cat Cora day in our house. Elation. Jumping on the bed, screaming, laughing! "A two-mommy family, a two mommy family, Cat Cora is a two mommy family!"

Not your grandma's kind of kitchen TV show...then again, Julia Child had a pretty low voice.


La Gringa said...

Ahhh, I missed out on an awesome morning. :D

Emily said...

That is freaking brilliant.