Tuesday, February 12

Separation Anxiety (mine)

Thing 1: I like Will's room.

Thing 2: I like Grace's room.

Mommy: Do you really want your own rooms?

Things: YES!!!!!!

Mommy: This is not my decision; it's yours. You talk about it together and tell me what you want to do.

Thing 1: "Thing 2, I need to talk to you. I want my own room. I want a boy room."

Thing 2: "I want my own room too! I want a girl's room! I want to have girly time."

Thing 1: "Are you sure?"

Thing 2: "YES!"

Thing 1: "Are you really, really sure. What if you miss me? If I miss you I will go down the hallway in the dark with bluepuppy and sleep in your bed, okay, Thing 2?"

Thing 2: "I will miss you, but it's okay. I can go to your room and sleep on your trundle bed."

Thing 1: "Are you sure?"

Thing 2: "I'm sure, Thing 1!"

Thing 1: "Are you really, really sure?"

Thing 2: "Yes, I'm sure"

Thing 1: "Then this conversation is over. We will have our own rooms now."

...by 9 p.m. last night, Thing 1 had his own room.


Emily said...

awwww...that makes me cry. They are so incredibly close though. This is going to be awesome for them to have some independence, even if they are asleep for it.

Plus...they'll love to have sleepovers. Ours have sleepovers in eachother's rooms ALL THE TIME. It's the cutest thing ever.