Monday, February 4

Mommy Power

This was emailed by a mom I know today to one of my mommy playgroups.

This is an open invitation to drop your kids(s) off for a short
playdate on Tuesday so that you can vote tomorrow. I know that there
are many obstacles for us Moms to get out and do things on our lists,
so I'm hoping that I can help you overcome one of them. I have
personally been inspired by a candidate this year that each one of us
CAN make a difference.

This is not a bid to get your vote for one candidate- whether you're a
democrat, republican or independent etc. Just be heard tomorrow and VOTE!

Call or email is you think you'll be stopping by-but also feel free to
drop in if you find a few moments. I will be home all day!

Never, Ever Underestimate the Power of the Mommys.