Tuesday, August 14

Me 101

I'm a freakish mommy kidaholic, work my ass off as a consultant, running a snall Internet company side-by-side with my partner in an office about 750 square feet. I've got a gaggle of extraordinary friends that mean the world to me and a mom that is my sunshine. I'm known for thrusting wine in your hand at the front door, and for giving a gazillion spontaneous dinner parties for whomever needs a good meal and a great hug.

I've got it really good.

Today's a bit of a shitty day as we just got home from a short 4-day holiday alone without the kids (four-year old twins, Thing 1 and Thing 2) and frankly it just was not long enough. I came home pissed off at our clients because the iPhone (amazing gadget) kept ringing with their calls the entire trip. One client in particular, I'm ready to punt. I've never punted a client...

In anycase, I've got a stomach virus that is putting my fatt tanned ass locked right in the toilet for the past two days. And today, when I finally went to get myself some soup, I got stung by a bee. Fucker. In the meantime, my partners are in L.A. for a new client meeting that seems to be going really well while I'm sitting here on the pot. At least the WiFi works.