Wednesday, August 1

Bastard of a Client

Shit. Fuck. Mother fuckers. I cannot stand this client. I seriously hope they go down in a blaze so small that my kid could pee on it and douse their lameass fire

I am so angry at this client I want to scream. But alas, instead I just blog. :)

Unprofessional, disorganized by a madman until a (very cool) ElCEO jumped in to save them. He damn well might do it too. He's had a bunch of good hires, phenomenal vision and passion. I believe the guy...his intensity is convincing.

One CEO is not enough to keep a gaggle of confused staffers from chomping on us like a pitbull on a baby. And we, for the first time as a company, are completely fucked. There is nothing positive we can do except wait it out...and get out.

We counted down the days until the end of the contract, then, five days after our contracted ended, they called us non-stop on our vacation with demanding, conflicting requests from various people, pissed enough to treat like their whipping bitches. We've never had a client that is so out of control.

It's over in nine days finally. I literally cannot wait and have removed myself the best I can. At some point we had to rock the boat and you never want the chick rocking your boat to stick around with an oar. I was furious today to find that they are looking for a different interactive agency. But I'm the fool: we are the ones who didn't renew the contract! It's like dumping a lame boyfriend and then getting upset when he dates someone else. Ah well. they are still a shipwreck waiting to happen unless ElCEO can pull it off.

Whew, rant done. I feel better and I have go to finish making dinner for the kids and La Gringa.

p.s. fuckers. mother fuckers rat bastard worst client in history dickwits.