Monday, August 20

La Luna

Every night I can look out our new bedroom window and see the moon this week. I swear it wasn't there before inbetween the panes, lowering slowly as the DVR ticks on past 10 p.m.

I mention it every night to La Gringa, but tired as she is, she phews a nod and mumbles something random as she turns over to bed. In Palmilla, that same moon was magic and as it lights our bedroom at home, I wonder how it lost its light for La Gringa.


La Gringa said...

Mi Amor...I am a boy. (hmm...that kinda rhymes). Seriously, I am sorry for disconnecting and I will work damn hard to make sure you know what I feel inside...

1. I love you madly, deeply, and in that incredibly comforting and invigorating forever kinda way.

2. I love my life with you and I look forward to all of the rest of the days of my life that will be spent with you.

3. In the words of the brilliant Mr. T, sometimes I need to be "smacked upside the head"...I'm sorry that's the case but you have full permission to tag me in the head if I'm a space cadet.

GG8 said...

Well, nothing that a hilarious card and a dozen roses didn't solve. The moon, FYI, is beautiful tonight.