Sunday, August 19

The BabyCatcher

My dear friend La-La is pregnant. It's been a long hard haul for her. La-la started out as Thing 1 and Thing 2's nanny when they were 5 months old and instantly became family to me.

My dear La-la fell in love while on a student visa from an EU country and, well, ditched her visa and is here now illegally (nothing to be said for her double master degrees, tight-knit family, dear lifelong friends and two amazing parents) for her equally illegal boyfriend. I love my La-la like a sister, my children, like an Auntie.

La-la's got a baby in her tummy. Tonight my kids left this on the back step for her. They called it the BabyCatcher and want her to use it when the baby is ready to come out. They also left plastic kid scissors (to cut the baby out) and are convinced that the baby needs oatmeal ASAP. That little prima is going to need food!

Being illegal in America is no joke. It's on my mind almost constantly. How will I protect her from whatever fate God and Country have in store for her?


La Gringa said...

This makes me laugh everytime because I picture La-La in labor with hot-lover hanging out with a lacrosse stick just waiting behind the OB. So an Ally McBeal moment in the making.

Anonymous said...

I was laughing hard while reading this. I used my imagination and pictured the Thing 1 between my legs waiting for baby to shoot out so he can catch it...if only it was so easy to give birth...we'll see:-)
Do you guys watch SCRUBS? Same as Ally McBeal if it comes to day-dreaming and wild imagination. :-)