Wednesday, May 21

The List is Less Interesting...and Less Tangible

I had a list in Fall of 2000: five goals to center myself, prepare myself for true adulthood. I set out with a backpack, tickets, maps and a deeper pocket than I'd ever had before. Four years later, I did it; all five.

Thinking back on those mammoth undertakings -- travel around the world, become a chef, run another marathon, have a child (got a two-fer there) and follow my mom into owning my own business -- and they seem infinitely easier than my new ones.

In no particular order, here is my list of five for 2008:

* Take a photography class that teaches me about my camera, not about photography.

* Run another marathon without taxing time on my family or body.

* Learn to meditate again (or at least breathe deeply without the aid of red wine).

* Find something fun to do on date nights other than eat.

* Come up with a system for never forgetting some item from the grocery store.

...ugh that reminds me, I have to go to the grocery store.