Thursday, January 31

One for the Records

Thing 2: What number am I if I am in Pre-K?

Mommy: Not a number yet, it goes Pre-K, K, 1.... then when you are 18 you will leave home and go find a wonderful university to go to for four more years.

Thing 1 and Thing 2: [sobbing uncontrollably]

Mommy: What's wrong?!!!? [pulling the car over]

Things: We don't ever want to leave mommy. We want to be with you!! We want to stay with you!

Mommy: Oh! Okay, honey, I understand. Mommy went to New York to college and I missed my mommy so much that I couldn't even go to school. Then I came home to my mommy, your grandma. I understand how you feel. You can be with me as long as you want.

Thing 1: I want to [holding up three fingers]: Go to school. Drive my own car home to you. Eat dinner. And watch Mr. Rogers.

Thing 2 [sniffling]: I want to stay with you and eat dinner and watch Mr. Rogers for the rest of my life.

Mommy: I promise you, you can always be with me.