Monday, March 30

Pop Went the Weasel

I've been rolling along pretty aggressively in my goal to be as fit as possible before ACL replacement, meniscus clean up surgery. Stationary bike, swimming, weight lifiting... I've been feeling great about my progress. Until Friday.

After finding out from my GP that I'd had a major concussion from the ski accident that had gone undiagnosed (but was reason for my odd behavior, dizziness and headaches), I headed to the gym for two back-to-back workouts.

I was winding down a workout at physical therapy with monitored squats in the afternoon with a therapist. It looked text book, first one went well, second one fine. On the third, my knee collapsed with a loud POP and a pain like I've never have known. I thought I was going to throw up from pain.

Turns out the meniscus floating around in my knee got "incarcerated" in the knee and has completely locked the knee into a bucket handle. It is the most pain I've ever experienced in my life.

Dr. T saw me at 7:30 a.m. on Saturday, injected me with some local and tried to manipulate the tissue out. It didn't work. He put in me in a full length brace from my hip to my toes and locked the brace at the position that it was stuck in. This helped control the pain by restraining movement. He also prescribed me some serious drugs.

As of today, I'm completely immobile. No walking (I can't even stand on my right foot), driving, swimming. No going to the bathroom or getting dressed by myself. We have moved into Thing 1's room and have set up a virtual hospital room in there. Losing control is the only thing worse to me than this pain. Having both is crazy talk.

Today is my pre-op appointment. Wednesday is surgery day.

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EDubyaH said...

Oh good grief, lady. That is awful. We should be around Thursday night through the weekend if you guys need anything. Errands done, kids stuff, whatever. Hope you feel better soon!!

Garza Girl said...

Thank you. We, might indeed, need all the help we can get.

deepstructure said...

wow, sorry to hear this lady. why the heck were you working out with a concussion??

well, you do look really cute in thing1's bedroom tho. ;)

bigBADbobby said...

If I was local, I'd surely do what I could to assist! But, I'm sending good vibes and great, sunshiny thoughts your way in 3, 2, 1... BAM!


Anonymous said...

Samantha, my dear,

FIRST you eat the Twinkie, THEN you slap the doctor, not the other way around! At least we can defend you that way.

We are sorry to learn about this awful accident. You must be going crazy not being as active as you always are.

O.K.,we're planning out what we can do to help--get you on a row team? Pass the orange? Ping pong after the appropriate healing period?

We're sending muchos besos y abrazos a todos Las Garzas y La Gringa for Wednesday.

Aunt Marie