Monday, July 7

Donor Children Article

Very interesting research on donor conceived children. It supports all the stuff I've read for years and years, but it's nice to see it in print every once in awhile.

Like I always say, May God bless the donor that I used. I hope that sperm-slinging guy has the best fricking life e.v.e.r -- he certainly gave that to me.


EDubyaH said...

Makes really good sense, really. Families that explore fertility treatments are probably older, better educated and more affluent than the average couple having kids "the ol' fashioned way". Of course, the Things have always been extraordinary and crazy smart.

I would be DYING of curiosity about the donor. I mean, private eye - stalkerish dying.

Garza Girl said...

Gracias! I sure think so.

If the kidlets want to track him down, they have a legal right at 18 to have his name.... we'll see!