Tuesday, November 6

The Case of the Mysterious Vomit

Investigation began when vomit was found in downstairs bathroom sink by Thing 1 and Mommy at 8 a.m. Both children and both parents deny any vomit episodes. Further inquiry and bribery into children's behavior subsequently corroborated their story: not puke perps.


Thing 1 : Discovered vomit, called it "poo in the sink" admitted to throwing up "when I was 3" but not today. When bribed with ice cream, said that it was not him.

Thing 2: Said surprised: "No, mom," when asked if she'd thrown up in the sink. A towel was in her bed, mysteriously, but not soiled. When bribed with ice cream, said it was not her, "and that's the truth."

La Gringa: Said she did not vomit, claiming that she couldn't vomit if she tried to do so, and despite being on a diet currently. Never noticed the vomit in the sink, despite being in the bathroom several times.

Me: The only person to eat carrots (carrots were in the vomit along with a lot of leafy green looking things.) and the co-founder of the vomit in the sink with Thing 1.

Friend with Bulimia : Visiting for the night. Lifetime bulimic who has type 1 diabetes. Neither La Gringa or I saw her go to the bathroom. She left about 11 p.m. after several glasses of wine.

This is an open case. Send any information to our tip line!